Superior Design and Sustainability

With roots in Austria, Zumtobel has been synonymous with innovation, unique product and service quality and superior design for over 70 years. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. Aspiring to create the best light for people and the environment, we provide solutions enabling measurable and

tangible added value.

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Reykjavik University as a new research and technology top spot.

Light & Architecture

We are driven by the latest advances in research and technology, but above all by the individual needs of the people who use our products daily. Our long-standing collaborations with leading architects, lighting designers and artists around the world form the foundation of a sensible interplay between architecture and luminaire. 


Research & Development

Only by maintaining a systematic focus on the user and by applying our knowledge of the effects of light on the human body can we generate measurable and tangible added value. We conduct research into the effects of light in order to provide people with the best possible lighting quality. We give particular importance to energy efficiency, and push ahead with new product innovations which enrich people's lives.

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Quality Management

Products by Zumtobel meet the highest quality standards and boast an extremely long service life. In order to ensure and continuously improve product and service quality, an uncompromising quality management system has been implemented for all fields of functions, from administration to production and transportation. Customers, suppliers, employees and partners alike benefit from this system. 

Energy-Efficient & Sustainable

For us, using resources responsibly starts within the company – and is brought to conclusion in energy-efficient customer projects. We cater to customers' requirements and users' needs individually in various application areas. Hence, perfect lighting quality meets maximum energy efficiency. From application-oriented light­ing design to the use of innovative light sources and luminaires, as well as seamless integration into lighting management, we make a valuable contribution to a building's life cycle assessment.

Global Reach

Zumtobel, a company of the Zumtobel Group, has a global presence thanks to sales organizations in 23 countries and commercial agencies in more than 50 countries. 

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