This Is Lighting

In its simplest form, light can be defined as a sensory stimulant that makes things visible. For light to be perceived, a source and receptor are required.


Impact of Light

Everyone experiences light – without it we cannot see. In fact, 80% of all information acquired by humans is through our visual sense. But the power of light transcends our sense of sight. Light can impact our mind, our perceptions, our emotions, and our overall well-being.

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The eye acts as a sensory receptor, allowing us to perceive the stimuli of a light source.
Sensory information is processed by the brain, affecting our well-being and concentration.
Hormonal processes and melatonin production are influenced, regulating our natural daily activities and circadian rhythm.
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Knowledge of Light

To fully utilize the power of light, it first takes accumulation of knowledge. To truly master an understanding of light, it takes years of research, experience, and a commitment to innovation.

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Technology of Light

Zumtobel is at the helm of the latest technologies in the industry, translating our lighting expertise into tangible solutions for impactful illumination.

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Applying Light

Luminaires can vary based on aesthetics, performance and innovative technologies – but the full impact of a lighting solution is only realized once it is applied. Here are some of the ways we would apply light in different environments: Applying Light