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Applying Light: Office

Users are at the heart of contemporary office concepts and hence interior design and office lighting. Intelligent lighting solutions help to increase people's sense of wellbeing, to create identity and at the same time cut costs. Zumtobel is an experienced office lighting expert – over many years we have amassed extensive knowledge from application and research in the sphere of using light in offices. The consistent further development of our products is based on user studies on the effects of light and on perceived lighting quality. Lighting solutions by Zumtobel create working conditions that make people feel good, thus motivating them and helping them concentrate on doing their job.

Enhancing people’s sense of well-being

Only happy employees are efficient employees. We encounter a huge variety of different visual stimuli in the course of daily office work. The right lighting is crucial in the process. Light affects almost all vital processes in the human body, and also has an impact on people's performance, health, safety and sense of well-being. For highly motivated and productive people, quality characteristics of light such as light output and changes in color temperature as well as options of influencing lighting conditions individually are of decisive importance.

Creating identity

When it comes to identification with a cause or an enterprise, a strong mission statement or symbol is of vital importance. Architecture is one of the most catchy symbols. If a company wants to make sure that it will not lose anything of its power (of identification), it also has to focus on its employees' well-being. This need is as individual as the employees are themselves. Only people who feel supported in their work to optimum effect will identify with their employer. Design aspects, options for adjustment by individual staff members and well-balanced environmental conditions are the most important factors of influence.

Reducing costs

Through energy efficiency, a long service life and lighting management systems, lighting solutions have a direct impact on operating costs. However, cost efficiency should not be at the expense of the employees. They are the key factor of success of any company. Staff costs are a multiple of the building costs.


The most recent findings in office lighting originate from the global user study on lighting quality perceived in offices, which was conducted jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute of Labor Planning and Organization (IAO). This study focuses on people and their individual lighting needs. A key tool of the study is a multilingual questionnaire that has been used by some 2700 participants from Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA since autumn 2013. Based on the analysis, a world map of light is created that shows lighting quality perceived in offices contrasted with the users' personal preferences. Initial evaluations of the long-term study provide important hints as to which light is best suited to particular individuals in specific situations. This data enables us to effectively improve lighting quality and thereby enhance people's sense of wellbeing at the office.

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